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Hyper UK Demo - Unity International Games Night Show

Check out the Hyper Athlete Demo at the UIG Night Show with me, Tyler Weaver, Jack Griffiths & Josh Meek last weekend. It was an awesome experience to be on stage at this event - looking forward to next year!


Just a quick edit from a session this week. Finally getting back into my tricking after a back injury in the first part of the year - been drilling kicks and basics. Hope you enjoy! will be uploading a sampler soon! Watch in HD!

Luke Scott - Weapons - 2014 Amerikick Internationals

This is my form in the Extreme Weapons division at the Amerikick Internationals in March. A great tournament & I took second place with this form.

Bruce Lee Challenge - 29th Festival Of Martial Arts, Paris

Relive the demonstration of Luke Scott in the "Bruce Lee Challenge ", which took place during the 29th Festival of Martial Arts, February 15, 2014 at the Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy . The splendid images signed Kombat Sport (string available in France on Canal Sat and Numéricable).

2014 Clash Of The Titans Opening Ceremony Luke Scott

My demonstration from the most recent Clash of the Titans event. Shoutout to Mr Bob Sykes for running an awesome show - it was a pleasure to be a part of.

Damien Walters - A Different Session

A short, action packed comedy that sees Damien give his students a very different training session!

Luke Scott Musical Forms at the 2013 AmeriKick Internationals

This is my Musical Form from the 2013 Amerikick Internationals. The first time I have been to Philly & it is definitely one of my favourite tournaments

Luke Scott Musical Weapons WTKA/WKA European Open 2012

This is my division winning Musical Weapons form at the WTKA/WKA European Open 2012 which ran at the Ponds Forge Arena in Sheffield, where I took triple gold. 

Luke Scott Spring Sampler 2011

A showreel of Luke Scott with a collation of videos from 2010 and early 2011 showcasing skills including Extreme Forms, Weaponry and Tricking. Enjoy :)

Luke Scott Performance Showreel 2011

A video collated from performances and shows from early 2011!
Messing around with some effects :)

Team Stagetrix Final WKA World Championships 2008

Ryan Phillips & Luke Scott performing their Team Form as Stagetrix in the finals at the 2008 WKA World Championships in Florida, where they took Gold.

Luke Scott & Sam Mak Fight Showreel

A short showreel of Sam Mak and Luke Scott performing wushu, martial arts and fight routines.

Thanks to Jay!


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